Sunday, May 23, 2010

Speed Circuit

This past Friday Wayne Hill ran Speed Circuit at the Hanger. Players included John Snelling, Carl Sciscio, John Dent, Oscar Stephenson, Cliff Creech, Chuck Turnitsa, Byron Collins, and myself. Wayne ran two races. I won the first race by outdistancing everyone from the beginning of the race onward. My strategy was to use my wear early to gain a lead on everyone but not use to much. I never went over 20mph beyond a corners limit. My car was a slow starter but a great accelerator and this is how I won the first race.

The second place game worked well for me as well. The two leaders on the second lap were Carl and Chuck but they crashed and I moved right past them with Oscar on my tail. Oscar passed me in the final leg of the race because of his top speed of 200mph. I could have still have beaten him if not for a mistake of not using his slipstream. But in the end, I won the cup as I won on points, 43 to Oscar's 33.

Asleep at the wheel

I have not posted in a while as my computer with all of my STUFF went down. My son and his friends believe it is the hard drive.

Since this time, ODMS has been playing a lot (principally Scott, the McCabes, Callahan, Kai, Carl, Eric, and Chuck) of Napoleonics using Shako. I have pushed some lead and had some luck but Napoleonics isn't my cup of tea. I wonder if I would like the Age of Eagles rules better as they are based on Fire and Fury.

Fire and Fury have always been my favorite rules for American Civil War. They run a lot like Richard Berg's board game Terrible Swift Sword. I really like the command system in F&F, as it puts a bit of randomness it what truly is field command. I wonder how this would transfer into Napoleonic wargames.