Sunday, July 17, 2011

Historicon and Guns of August Update

At the last minute, I found out I could attend Historicon. I was speaking with Chuck Turnitsa about Guns of August stuff and he asked me if I was attending Historicon. I told him no as I did not have a room. He then invited me to stay with Chris Borucki, Paul Crouch, and himself as Jeremy Crouch could not attend. I asked my wife and she gave me the OK!

We left early Thursday morning and arrived about 1 pm at the convention site at King of Prussia. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express close by the convention site at the Radisson and Scanticon. I was lucky enough to get a free badge from Cotton Jim Russell, in exchange for helping him at his booth.

During the four days at the con, I played no miniature games as they were all full or I was not interested. Most of the time I wondered around the dealer hall speaking with friends and doing PR work for our cons.

My major buys were two Landmark buildings and 15mm trees from BTC, I also bought a satchel bag from Osprey for my Force on Force rules. I also bought a neat game, part miniature, part board game from Lost Battalion Games called Day of Days. Eventually I'll play it but then again I say the about Tide of Iron from Fantasy Flight Games.

One other thing I did was eat at Hooters for the first time. Carl was nice enough to buy me dinner on Friday and Saturday. I owe him big time. The other thing we did, which brought back many memories, was eating at the newly established Gino's Hamburgers. I got a Gino Giant and fries as well as a milk shake. The new Gino's style to both Carl and myself is a mixture of Five Guys and the old Gino's.

As far as Guns of August goes as of this date we have 30 pre-registers and about two weeks ago there were 22 rooms filled. This has begun to pick up since Historicon. So far it seems our vendors are set and registration is picking up. Carl thinks attendance will be better than last years 200. He may be right as we have added roleplaying and this will bring a few more goobers to attend.