Sunday, October 17, 2010

Williamsburg Military History Show

Members of the Old Dominion Military Society (Carl Sciscio, Scott Kidd, Dave Dietrich, and Chuck Turnitsa) and myself attended this show.

Our organization ran a RevWar miniature game for the public. We used modified Neal Thomas Introduction to Wargaming rules.

When Scott, Carl, and I got to the event and signed in, we explored this vast fortress called the Williamsburg Hospitality House. Whoever designed this place must have been on drugs. Because in order to find the conference rooms that the convention was being held in, you had to wander about the hotel. I will say that Osprey and Casemate did a great job with the signs though. Chuck had mentioned that last years event was not marked that well and it was hard to find everything.

Eventually Dave arrived as we set up the game. Carl and Dave played the Rebels and Scott and I the Redcoats. We did make a few mistakes on the rules though. Once Chuck arrived with the modified rules, the game went better for the British.

Although we only had two attendees play, they seemed to have had a good time. We also made many contacts with folks and told them about attending the Muster. Many of them seemed interested. As Carl said, "If we could get just one person to come from this event to the Muster, its great. As that one person will tell others.

As far as the game went, we didn't really finish the game as our interest waned and Dave, Scott and I went to lunch.

I spent most of the afternoon scoping out the dealers. I did buy a book I had been wanting to get, Tonight we die as Men. It's about the 3rd Battalion 506 PIR in Normandy and their accomplishments. I had wanted this book for awhile but it was about $30 hardbound.

Well Osprey was selling its hardbound books on one table for $10 and this book was one of them. I snatched it up.