Monday, August 8, 2011

Guns of August Update

Four more days till the convention and most things have been set.

  • Program is finished. The earliest it has ever been finished.
  • Early registration is the highest it has ever been. The 2011 Williamsburg Muster had the highest at 47 preregistered participants. The 2011 Guns has surpassed that by 30 with 77 folks preregistered. Looking at the examples for our other conventions, preregistration is general 1:4 to 1:5 attendance. We could be looking at 308 to 385 attendees and that does not include staff or vendors, who also participate in games.
  • We easily made room nights at the Holiday Inn Patriot, so except for the set up fee of $500 and $1000 for tables, we are set.
  • When we get there the staff will get the items for the hospitality suite.
  • I'm almost ready for the Blitzkrieg Commander game I am running. I have the OOB's created and all I have to do now is gather my terrain, rules, and figures, then I will be done except for the packing.