Monday, July 19, 2010

Gettin' ready for Guns of August

It's now one month until Guns of August wargaming convention at Williamsburg, VA. I have been working on correspondence to the dealers and we are set right now with 16 dealers. Carl Sciscio and I have gone up to Williamsburg and have solicited businesses for donations either for an ad in our event booklet or gift certificates.

Chuck Turnitsa has e-mailed miniature and game dealers all over the country for donations for our raffle and has done exceedingly well.

Carl and I also have visited the Holiday Inn Patriot after we heard they had a "new" events coordinator at the hotel and made sure every thing is all set. Chuck is going to keep in touch with the hotel to make sure we have the correct sized tables and more lighting in the Washington Room.

The only thing I am frightened about is attendance. As of right now, we have only 20 early registrations and only 13 rooms were booked about a month ago. What eases my pessimism though is the fact that from the two Williamsburg Muster conventions, early registration was about 10% of the attendance and the rooms being booked was a month ago.

The good thing though is we can cover any problem we have, as we have enough money in the treasury. But if this event does not float, how will it effect attendance at the Muster.

We shall see! We shall see!