Friday, January 25, 2013

Williamsburg Muster Up and Running

There is a week left until our fifth annual Muster and almost everything (knock on the cloud aka wood) is really starting to move well.

All vendors have paid that I mentioned in my last blog.  I believe we added Age of Glory, who originally stated he would not be able to attend but he bought one table.  Every little bit helps.

Early registration just started to pick up in the past two weeks.  Two weeks ago, I think we had 14 signed up, today we have 56 and their is still a week to go  If this follows the other Muster and Guns of August conventions, pre-registrations have been one-fifth to one-sixth to attendees.  So 250 to 300+.  Man, this will help a lot, as we lost some money on Guns of August, because of its closeness in time to Historicon. 

After much debate and Cliff gentle pushing, I have decided to run a Bolt Action game on Saturday afternoon.  The reason for the debate was my "co-workers" have trouble running the convention without me.  I'll be running the same Bolt Action WWII skirmish game I played at Guns, Bustin' the Bocage.  It will be an attack of American infantry with some armor vs. German Fallschermjagers (sic) in the hedgerow country of Normandy near St. Lo.  I post an AAR in my next blog.

The big thing I want to do this year is make sure I take loads of photos of the convention and especially of my game.  I have a habit of bringing my camera and not using it.