Sunday, February 21, 2010

Williamsburg Muster Pegasus Bridge Photos

These are photos of the Pegusus Bridge game I ran at the Williamsburg Muster on February 5, 2010. Jim Russell of Cotton Jim's Flags asked me to use my WWII skirmish guidelines, Go for Broke, to run this scenario. I ran it twice, once as a playtest on Thursday night with Oscar Stephenson and Cotton Jim. I then ran it again for six players at the Muster. I'm sorry I can't remember their names except for Kai Weaver and Charles Cabell. The terrain was great. Thanks Jim.

The Brits won both games. In the second game, they even knocked out two PzIV with a piat.

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  1. Justin,

    The bridge looks great! Is it 15mm or 28mm? Would like to try your rules sometime.

    Joe Legan