Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guns of August

All and all the convention went off well.

I think registration went off great, especially with the help of Bill Phillips and Erin Finley. They did a fantastic job of registering folks and selling raffle tickets.

Although we did have a problem with one vendor (same one we had at the Muster, who had a problem with the hotel. He will not be asked back), all the vendors seemed to do well. We have Mark Walker from Lock n' Load, a new vendor, who has all ready asked to come to the Muster.

The two new rooms we created for the boardgames and role playing games went off well. Jake DiToro and the guys from TAGS did a great job of running the board game room, which was a hit. The room in the evening was constantly full with folks enjoying many a board game.

Peter Schweighofer was our special guest in the RPG room and I know he ran at least three games, as my son, Timothy, played in all of them. Peter's a great GM. I got the chance to speak with him after the event and he said how much he liked it. As a matter of fact, he helps put together the NOVAG game club magazine and it includes a photo summary of Guns, that is found here

The game I was going to run failed to start, as I forgot to bring half of my terrain. In some ways, I was glad as I feel I needed to keep an eye on registration at opening. If I run a game at the Muster, I'm going to run it in the evening when the pressure of keeping on top of every thing will be lessened.

Here are some photos.

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