Friday, December 21, 2012

Working on Williamsburg Muster

After many problems with the new website and registration,  the fifth annual Williamsburg Muster wargame convention's registration work has begun for me. 

I have contacted all of our normal vendors through both e-mail and at HMGS Fall-In Miniature Convention.  The following vendors have confirmed or paid to attend.
  • Miniatures of Chesapeake
  • Falcon UK
  • Atlantis Games
  • Wargames Factory
  • Larry's Legions
  • Warstore Collectables
  • Flag Dude
  • Silver Eagle Wargame Supplies
  • Thoroughbred Miniatures
  • Dragon's Hoard
  • Major Objective Games
  • ODGW
  • Collins Epic Wargames
  • BV Traders
Gamer registration has be slow so far but I believe it will pick up after Christmas.

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