Sunday, July 24, 2016

Getting ready for Guns of August 2016

We have move the conventions to the Ramada Inn East in Williamsburg.  Although the hotel seems kind of dumpy for being old.  It is in the midst of refurbishing after having been closed for two years.

The venue is larger than the HI: Patriot.  The new ballroom is about a size and a half bigger than the Patriot's ballroom.  There is another room that is as large or larger than the tournament room and board game room at the Patriot.  This is what we will use this room for as well.  There are also two large side rooms that will be used for RPGS now that the Pathfinder guys have returned.

We will have our normal FOW tournament.  We have also added a 9th Age Fantasy miniature tournament and a SAGA tournament.

Right now paid vendors are

  1. Cotton Jim (2 tables)
  2. For the Historian (4)
  3. Thoroughbred Miniatures (2)
  4. BVTraders (2)
  5. Phalanx Consortium (3)
  6. Dragons Hoard (4)
  7. Atlantis (3)
  8. Major Objective Games (1)
  9. Silver Eagle (2)
Now all we need is games.  I may run a Chain of Command but I need to see how I feel.  I have also been thinking of Blitzkrieg Commander (15mm)

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