Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello My name is Johnny Cash!

I've been adding photos of my reenactment life to my Facebook and I thought I would add this photo to my blog. In 1988, I was lucky enough when I lived in Texas to have belonged to an old West reenacting group called the 1880s Saddletramps.

Besides reenacting the group did color for conventions in the San Antonio/Houston areas of Texas. We were lucky enough to have acted as color for Johnny Cash who was doing a pediatric surgeons convention.

It was great Johnny and June Carter Cash, especially June, were very outgoing and friendly. We even sat stage left and watched the show.

Attending in the photo from left to right are Steve Wilson, Ricky Phiel, Steve Perkins, Johnny Cash, Carol and Jeff Fothergill, and myself.

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  1. Uber cool. Jed. Too bad I couldn't get Porter Wagoner in the 3rd Maryland...