Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reenacting the past

Over the past three weeks, I have been cooresponding on Facebook with friends I used to reenact with 15-20 years ago. In so doing, we have been sending reenactment photos to one another over the Facebook site.

Since I joined Facebook, I have rediscovered my best reenacting friend and best man, Bob Fleming and one of my pards from reenacting Wes Clark, as well as others, like Cindy Trainor, Joe and Amy Lessman, Jack Armstrong, et al.

I have discovered in so doing how fast time flies. Many of these events we have been sharing images of seem to me like they were yesterday instead of 25 years ago.

Over time I'll post photos here to show what I did for a hobby and as a job for the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.

The photo above is of me and Bob Fleming at Germantown in 1987.

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