Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Go for Broke game

To prepare for the 2011 Williamsburg Muster, Jon Krigbaum, Oscar Stephenson, Jeremy Crouch and friend, Jeffrey, Scott Kidd, and myself playtested a game of Go for Broke, my WWII skirmish game. Krigbaum and Oscar are planning on running a 25mm village fight using all of Krigbaum's Miniature Building Authority buildings.

We played the game for over 12 hours and had a grand old time.

Krigbaum and Oscar led the Kraut forces. That consisted of a command team, three rifle squads, mortar team with two mortars, three MG teams, two panzerschrek teams, a PAK 40 AT gun, 20mm quad halftrack, halftrack, Opal Blitz, and a 38T Panzer.

Jeremy, Jeffrey, and Scott led the Ami force that consisted of a command team, five rifle squads, three MG teams, two bazooka teams, a mortar team with two mortars, a pack howitzer, white car, halftrack, a jeep, and four Sherman tanks.

I ran the game and a squad of French Resistance.

The game turned out great but in the end a PAK40 and a troll under the bridge with a panzerschreck did the Amis in. The game started at 11:30 am and lasted to 11:30 pm and boy did we have fun.

Things learned
  • Americans on the attack need more transport
  • Each side having a card with all their units listed that way when we pull the gem out of the "special" opaque container, we could place it on the card to tell us which units have gone.
  • Don't give Scott tanks as he runs through walls without provocation and fires over his own men in front of his tank. Ears are still ringing in the American ranks.
  • Speed up the turn by pulling the gems much like cards in TSATF until you reach another color or have pulled a go again gem.
  • Only allow Jeremy to shoot as he sure sucks at melee. He lost six infantry men in hand-to-hand against two German spotters. It also took a whole other squad to blow these spotters up real good.
  • Whatever you do don't give Krigbaum any transportation vehicles as he missed his calling as a bus driver.
  • Don't allow Oscar to talk Krigbaum into placing a MG team on a building scaffold.

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