Friday, February 11, 2011

Williamsburg Muster 2011

It is now a week after the Williamsburg Muster and I just want to jot down a few comments.

  • First, of all our conventions so far this went off the best. It was the least stressful for me and I believe the other members of the staff
  • Our staff, Scott Kidd, Jeremy Crouch, Cliff Creech, Dave Dietrich, Bill Phillips, the DeMaris sisters and the ladies of the con suite did an excellent job.
  • Scott covered the front desk, assisted the vendors, and ran four games of Shako.
  • Jeremy helped the ladies in the con suite by going out and getting supplies.
  • Cliff did an excellent job with the program book. Our next con he will do the book run the PEL and who gets what table. This will take some tasks away from Chuck but this will prevent "Chuck time" and every thing will be ready for Guns of August.
  • Dave ran his games and although there were no folks for the Warrior tournament, he was nice enough to play a game with one gentleman who had come for the event.
  • I had never met Bill Phillips before the weekend as he was Chuck's friend from Marscon. He did an excellent job at the registration table.
  • Kudos go to Cotton Jim Russell as he sat on Friday morning and set up the registration table with Scott Kidd
What I did during the Con.
  • Thursday: Helped Carl pack the van with Jim Russell, Brian Compton, and Kai Weaver, arrived at the hotel at around noon and began to set up, I set up the registration area, ate at Carraba's with the group, and played Settlers of America with Carl, Krigbaum, and Oscar.
  • Friday: Set up and ran my Go for Broke game: Busting the Bocage, assisted anywhere I could, and helped set up Krigbaum's Go for Broke game. Stayed with Snelling in the hotel room.
  • Saturday: Helped cover the registration desk with Bill Phillips, covered the Ballroom while Chuck did the other room, played in Tony Exline's Soldat (I don't like the rules) game that took place on Crete, bought two gently used MBA buildings from Steve Mynes of Age of Glory and a set of skirmish rules called Triumph and Tragedy that I'll try soon.
  • Sunday: Wrapped up the event, helped the vendor's out that needed it (Byron Collins got sick and Brian and I helped him to pack), the group debriefed at KFC, and then I went to Carl's to help him unload.
All and all a great con!

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