Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dragon Age RPG


Over the past month, my inner geek has returned.  After watching Wil Wheaton's Tabletop series on YouTube, I pulled out a roleplaying game I bought in 2010 at Books A Million.  The game is Dragon Age by Green Ronin and is based on Bioware's computer RPG of the same name. 


One of the reasons I bought the game to begin with is the author Chris Pramas wrote the second edition to the Warhammer RPG, which is in my opinion was the best of the Warhammer RPG's.

After watching the above watched videos, I reread the rules and decided I would like to run the game.  Although I never liked level-driven RPGs and character class systems (of which there are only three, warrior, rogue, or mage), like D&D, this one individualized characters by using a focus and talent system.    I really like the way the characters are created by rolling 3d6 that give you modifiers for the eight characteristics, like cunning, strength, and communication. etc...  Then after you have rolled through the eight you get to flip two characteristics.  Then you choose your Dragon Age character class (mage, warrior, or rogue) and background, like Ferelden Freeman, Circle Mage, or Surface Dwarf.  Choosing both character class and background, helps you individualize your character.  This give you pluses to characteristics, talents, and focuses.

About three weeks ago I started to run an adventure with my son and has four friends.  They seem to like it.  My son, Tim has wanted me to run a RPG since I ran a Warhammer campaign about three years ago with some of his friends.  He likes it because both father and son have a geek-like nature.  I just hide it better. 

My campaign started with the characters are members of a caravan guard.  It consists of a Surface Dwarf warrior (my son), a human warrior, a city elf Rogue, a human Circle mage and an elven  Circle mage.   While waiting for the return of the caravan merchant, who was scouting out a new town for business, the players spotted on a hill overlooking the camp the remains of a tower.  On going up to explore the tower, the players (surface dwarf warrior, a human warrior, a city elf Rogue, and a human Circle mage) were attacked by four ghouls, which they dispatched but took enough damage they returned to camp.  On investigating the ruin, they discovered that stairs led down to a lower level.  This ended the first week of play.

Another player was added the second week (city elf Circle Mage) and the character went up to the ruins again and descended into a dungeon.  When they got to the base of the stairs, they noticed that there was a cave-in that blocked a hallway and a door.  They decided to check out the door.  The brash surface dwarf bashed the door down and fell into a pit and sustained some damage.  The room they entered was a jail/dungeon room.  Before the dwarf could be retrieved from the pit, he party was attacked by a giant spider, which was quickly dispatched without much damage to the party.  The party discovered some treasure, a coat of heavy chain armor and an jeweled long sword. 

Since the party was not hurt that bad they decided to go and try to get through the hallway with the cave-in.  It took them about three hours but they removed enough of the rock to enter the hallway where they discovered a stairwell going down.  Once they when down they discovered a large room with stone crypts.  The dwarf and the warrior entered impulsively and were overwhelmed by 10 skeletons (5 spear and 5 bow).  As a result of being hurt badly the party withdrew with the skeletons not following.

Week three,  the party now fully healed attacked the dungeon again.  They were attacked again by the ten skeletons, when they entered the crypt area.  This time they defeated them with little damage to the party as they worked together.  They searched the crypts and discovered a +1 spell power apprentice ring and a +1 viridian medium shield.  They decided that even though there was a large stone door, the party returned to camp to restore hits.

This past week the party entered the crypt again to investigate the stone door way.  When the arrived at the crypt again they were attacked by ten skeletons, which they dispatched quickly.  They entered the stone door and entered a large crypt that was occupied by a shade, that could only be hurt by magic.  The party fought for its life and took damage but eventually defeated the shade. The party searched the crypts after they took a breather to heal wounds In the crypts, the found a tiara, a magic ring that adds to mana, a +1 magic short sword, and a gourget with a barrier rune. 

The night ended as the party returned to camp.  As they were going back, the party noticed from a distance, the caravan owner had returned and the camp was being attacked.  This is where we left off for this coming week......

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  1. The game is sounding pretty good, Justin, who are your players?