Friday, April 5, 2013

Veteran Administration Spinal Cord Injury Unit Rec Therapy Donation

After "much" delay, we have finally gave the Hampton VA Recreational Therapy Spinal Cord Injury Unit, the money from the 2012 Guns of August and 2013 Williamsburg Muster raffles. 

The delivery of two $500 pre-paid credit cards was given to the veterans this past week by my wife, Ruthann, who is the social worker on the unit. 

The vets use the money for a variety of reasons, such as for birdseed, supplies for their flower/vegetable garden, coffee for the day room, fishing supplies and bait, maintain the units fish tank, ink for a printer the patients use, and for unit memorial services for vets on the unit, who have passed away.

The convention raffles over the past two years have provided these spinal cord injured veterans with $2000. 

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